2012-13 Season – Looking Back on a Superior Season

It is hard to believe this very special year is coming to an end.? Please scroll down through previous posts on the website to see details on some of the major events.? Below are some additional memories of the 2012-13 season.

AUGUST – Skyhawk Marching Band and Fireworks at a Flying Squirrels game.? The weeks of hard work at Band Camp?pay off as the?Skyhawk Band performs the music for their?full show?for the first time in public.? After their performance, the band enjoyed a great Flying Squirrels baseball game with a firework show after the game.? The kids all had a great time together.

SEPTEMBERTucker Free For All – After the band’s performance,? the parents on the Pit Crew?are?back at the?buses awaiting the band.?? Parents from another band ask us parents if we are with the Bird Band.? We say we are.? They all comment on what a great show the kids just performed.? The?nervous anticipation of a good season begins.

Hermitage Classic Band Competition– This was a special day for the band as they earned their first trophy of the year.? Prior to the awards ceremony, the James Madison University Band performed an exhibition.? Wow!? You could see these college kids loved performing their show.? You could equally see how all the kids from all the bands thoroughly enjoyed watching the performance.

OCTOBERMiddle School Tour– This was simply a fun day for the band.? The first stop was the outdoor performance at Falling Creek Middle.? The afternoon performance was in the gym at Salem Church Middle.? You could tell the kids knew?a good performance indoors would really make an impression, and they delivered.? The students of Salem Church Middle were treated to an afternoon of?fun music as they moved and clapped along to Skyhawk “stand tunes”.?? The Skyhawk band members had a great time dancing to drum cadences as well.

OCTOBER 27th State Marching Band Assessment– There were so many memories from this day when the band earned their Superior rating.? 1) When the PA Announcer announced “Lloyd C. Bird, Superior” the time from “Bird” to “Superior” seemed like an eternity.? 2) The pure joy and emotion after hearing “Superior” announced cannot be described.? 3) The term “Band Family” was?never a more?precise name as parents and kids went around hugging each other in celebration.

Football State Championship Playoff Run – First Hermitage over the Thanksgiving weekend, then to Varina, then Oakton in Northern Virginia and finally the University of Virginia.? The Skyhawk Band was right there supporting the Skyhawk Football team every step of the way.

The Day of the State Championship Football Game – How is this for dedication and school spirit?? The All District Band Tryouts were the same day as the football game.? Mrs. Oyan made arrangements for the Skyhawk students to have first time slots for their tryouts.? The Skyhawk Band kids were in line to?enter these regional tryouts before sunrise on that day.? Some might say their best performance of the school fight song all year might have been?at the exact moment when the Skyhawk Football team officially became State Champions.

MARCH Concert Band Assessments – Both the Symphonic Band and Wind Symphony?earned Superior ratings for their performances.? When the Wind Symphony earned their Superior rating the Skyhawk Band celebrated their 15th Commonwealth of Virginia Honor Band status.? The band performing prior to the Skyhawk band was Manchester High School.? Manchester earned their first Honor Band status.? Seeing the celebration of their band students and parents was a great moment as well.

Spring Trip – This trip had many fun times and memories.? Returning from the SPRING trip and unloading the buses in the 3 inches of snow with a snow day off school the day after the SPRING trip was simply bizarre.

35th Skyhawk Concert Band Spring Concert – While the band plays the different songs of the military branches, members of the audience are asked to stand if they served our country in one of the branches of the military.? I am at a loss for the proper words to describe what an awesome site it was to see so many members of the audience standing to indicate their service to our country.


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