Are you the parent of an incoming Freshman?

Please click the Continue Reading link below for tips and insight from a previously clueless parent about band events and terms.? If the tips do not prove to be useful, hopefully they will be at least entertaining.


BAND CAMP ? Drumline and Colorguard start July 29th.? Freshmen start August 8th.? The band will practice marching outside in the morning and practice their music inside in the afternoon.? Parent volunteer help will be needed during band camp.

FIRST EVENING PRACTICE, ENTIRE BAND ? The evening of August 8th.? The entire band will practice for the first time in the band room.? The Band Boosters will host the Freshmen parents with dinner and answer questions afterward.

ON TIME ? Being on time is 15 minutes early.? If camp starts at 8am, students will need to be there at 7:45am.?

SHOE FITTING ? The company that provides the black shoes worn when in uniform will measure for shoe sizes, and Mrs. Oyan will collect the shoe order form.? If kept in good condition, shoes can be used again the following years.

PREVIEW NIGHT ? August 22nd.? This will be a potluck dinner and a preview of the upcoming show.? You will be amazed how quickly your child has learned marching, marching and playing, etc.

FRESHMEN DUTIES ? Freshmen are responsible for bring in all the equipment and instruments used during band camp, etc.? Try to resist the urge to help them if you arrive early to pick them up.? You will see them helping each other and having an opportunity to show the upperclassmen and Mrs. Oyan how dedicated they are.

FLYING SQUIRRELS GAME ? For 2012, the band set up in right field and played their show, the school fight song, and a ?stand tune?.? Afterward, they got to sit together and watch the game.? They had a great time together.

STAND TUNES ? Fun songs played while the band is in the stands during the football games.

HALLE BERRY ? Not the actress, but apparently the name of one of the really fun and favorite stand tunes.

EARLY MONUMENTAL MOMENT ? Band camp is a challenge the first year.? The students work hard and learn a great deal.? Many parents will say their child had a moment when they wanted to quit.? All of these parents will tell you after the first football game, their child tells them ?I am so glad I didn?t quit!?

TAG DAY ? One of the biggest fund raisers for the band.? They go out in the community and go door to door in their uniforms and seek donations.? Freshmen are paired with upperclassmen.? A parent will drive these groups.

FRONT ENSEMBLE (aka ?The Pit?) ? These are the instruments and students that play the instruments you see out in front of the band as they perform their show.? These students typically play more difficult music since they do not march.

PIT CREW ? These are the parents that get to watch the show from the sideline after setting up ?The Pit? before the show.? Parents will tell you ?Pit Crew? is an opportunity to enjoy the band experience with other parents while being there to see your child enjoying the band.

TUCKER FREE-FOR-ALL ? This is a great event at J.R. Tucker High School.? This is the first competition setting for the year; however, it is not a competition.? Instead, after performing their show, the band will get to hear feedback from the judges on how to improve their show, what they do well, etc.

HERMITAGE CLASSIC ? First competition of the year held at Hermitage High School.? Trophies are awarded to the top performing bands according to band size.

FIFTH QUARTER ? This is the after game performance which includes ?Grace?, the band?s version of Amazing Grace.? The tradition of playing Grace was started at the first home game after September 11th.

HAWKS NEST ? This is the Skyhawk Band?s and Band Boosters? white building next to the football bleachers.

?THIS THING OR THAT THANG?? ? Acceptable response when working on the Pit Crew and asked to move an instrument for which you have no idea what it is called.

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL ? INSTANT FRIENDS ? Your child will start their first day of school already knowing their way around the building and having 75-100 familiar faces to see.? Because the band is such a close family, upper classmen are very good about looking out for the Freshmen band kids.


– During Band Camp

– Uniform Closet during Band Camp

– Pit Crew

– Chaperone

– Driver for Tag Day

You do not have to commit to every game and/or every event when you volunteer.? However, you will find you look forward to the next football game or competition just as much as you child.? The more you volunteer, the more you will see firsthand what a great group of kids make up the band.?

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