Uniforms, shoes, and socks REMINDERS

rememberAll students have been fitted now for their uniform.? Please make sure that your child has ordered the proper shoes and has BLACK crew socks.? Extra socks? and white gloves will cost $5 every time they forget. ? Here’s a general list of what they need before they leave the house:

Instrument and accessories

Stand music in a flip-chart (or memorized)

A lyre to hold the flip chart

Black crew socks

Show t-shirt

Marching shoes

White gloves (issued at first uniformed performance)

Hair ties, or pins for long or unusual colored hair

Nail polish remover and cotton balls, if nails are painted

Make-up remover for band members, if they are wearing any

Baggie for jewelry, earrings, gauges, piercings, and watches

$ for food, CD’s of the performance (certain competitions only), or forgotten items

Lunch/Dinner, if Mrs. Oyan requests it

Phone***Remember band students are not allowed to have their phones on until they are on the bus, or finished their practice/performance for the day.

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