Leadership 2022-2023

Drum Majors: Julianna Cass and Zachary Zatkulak
Brass Captains: Carl Bockford and Hudson Krapf
Woodwind Captains: Cole Kieling and Josie Thinnes
Colorguard Captain: Nicky Raybould
Drumline Captains: Jerome Hazelwood and Matthew Rios

Band Council President/Marching Captain: Brenden Cameron
Music Librarian:
Leyah Knox
Audio Manager:
Jerome Hazelwood
Personnel Officer:
Lauren Hendricks
Kai Harrelson
Rookie Liason:
Zach Bumgarner
Equipment Crew Captain: Carl Bockford
Uniform Crew Captain: Angie Patterson


2021-2022 Leadership

Drum Major: Julianna Cass
Field Commander: Isaac Bates and Anderson Munoz-Gonzalez 
Drum Captain: David Lomax (alternate drum major)
Brass Captains: Isaac Bates and Carl Schoof
Woodwind Captains: Serina Bushong and Sammy Contois 
Band Council President: Dade Buschy  
Audio Manager: David Lomax
Personnel Manager: Sammy Contois
Music Librarian: Serina Bushong
Social Media Coordinator: Jerome Hazelwood



2020-21 Leadership

Drum Majors: Gray Jones and Gavin Krezel
Field Commanders: Mason Davis and Levi Perez
Brass Captains: Dade Buschy, Mason Davis and Gavin Krezel
Woodwind Captains: Sammy Contois, Sarah Deane, Grace Fry
Guard Captain: Trystin Umphrey
Drumline Captain: David Lomax
Front Ensemble Captain: Juliana Cass

Band Council President: Andrew McVicker
Music Librarian:
Grace Fry and Gray Jones
Audio Manager:
Gavin Krezel and Carl Schoof
Personnel Manager:
Sammy Contois and Levi Perez
Sarah Deane
Rookie Liason:
Carl Schoof
Spirit Officer: Anthony Price and Alyssa Patterson
Social Media Coordinator: Laila Hendricks

TENORS: David Lomax
SNARE: Andrew McVicker and Jerome Hazelwood
BASS: Julianna Cass, Troi Baugh, Anthony Price, Kavonte Garnett
Cymbals: Matthew Rios

Leadership 2019-20

Drum Major: Bella Cass and Gray Jones

Field Commander: Anton Byrd and Mason Davis

Section Leader: Neil Baptiste, Brittany Martinez Castro, Will Fitch, Michael Atkins, Mason Davis

Guard: Trystin Umphrey

Drum Captain: Carly Norman

Front Ensemble Captain: Hannah Huddleston

Band Council President: Will Fitch

Personnel Officer: Carly Norman and Jeremiah Hood

Historian: Sarah Deane

Music Officer: Bella Cass, Grace Fry


Snare: Andrew McVicker
Tenor: David Lomax
Bass:? Troi (1), Carly (2), Anthony (3), Jayden (4)



Drum Majors: Jacob Fogg and Bella Cass
Field Commander: Dennis Mallory and Amaya Royster

Section Leaders
Woodwind: Richie Beng, Alex Owens, Marcus Sledge
Brass: Lauren Askew, Will Fitch, and Amaya Royster

Guard Captain: Hailey Drake
Percussion Captain: Dylan Banfield

Band Council
President: Brandon Woo
VP: Mason Davis
Personnel: Shiheem Barnett and Kaitlin Ryan
Music Officer: Jacob Fogg, Amaya Royster, and Will Fitch
Historian: Kayla Haynes


Drum Major
Jacob Fogg & Bella Cass

Field Commander
Dzel Mallory & Amaya Royster

Brass Captains
Lauren Askew & Amaya Royster

Woodwind Captains
Alex Owens & Brandon Woo

Drum Captain
Ryan Bowman

President: Alex Owens
Vice President: Dzel Mallory
Historian: Kevona Ward
Personnel: Dylan Banfield and Kaitlyn Ryan
Music: Jacob Fogg and Amaya Royster



Drum Major: Josh Taylor Assistant and stands Drum Major:Pete Puletti
Field Commander:Nick Spencer

Color Guard Captains:

Section Leaders:
Flute: Alex Owens
Clarinet: Nick Spencer
Saxophones: Kelsey Wagner
Trumpet: Lauren Askew
Euphonium: Amaya Royster
Tuba: Aaron Reid

Band Council
President: Pete Puletti
Vice President: Nick Spencer
Historian:Deven Walker
Personnel Officer: Kelsey Wagner
Music Officers: Aaron Reid