Volunteer Hub

We need YOU to help our band be successful! This year, in an effort to make our band program bigger and better, we are asking each family to consider signing up for 3 volunteer slots during the course of the season. If each family volunteers at least 3 times we will have plenty of volunteers to help our band succeed. Volunteering is a great way to support your child and have fun becoming a part of the marching band!

All volunteers must fill out the CCPS volunteer form. It takes a few weeks to get approved, so please fill it out ASAP. https://mychesterfieldschools.com/family-and-community-engagement/volunteering/

Below you will find a list of upcoming events, a description of the volunteer positions needed for each event, and a link to the Sign Up Genius for each event.

Home Games, Competitions, other off-site performances – See sign up for dates

Shake Shack -(click for a separate sign up) Make and sell milkshakes during the September 23rd and October 7 football games. (You will be one of the most popular people in the football stadium, and help the band raise a lot of much needed funds! It’s much better than selling wrapping paper.)

Pit Crew – helps carry equipment to the field and set it up for the halftime show (You get into the football games and most competitions free. You get to watch the show from field level which is a good opportunity to get close up pics of your kiddo performing!)

Hawk’s Nest – sell band merchandise during football game (You get into the game for free and help spread Marching Skyhawks Spirit!)

Chaperone – Rides the bus to off site events to monitor students and provide instructions and help when needed (You save gas by not having to drive the the event or competition. Plus who doesn’t love the excitement of a field trip bus?)

Adult Supervision – supervises student between after school practice and football game. (Be a part of the pre-football game excitement!)

Dinner Runner – pick up dinner (usually pizza) at 4:10 and serve to students before football game. (You will be the pizza hero!)

Snack and Water donations – When you can’t help in person, send in some snack or water to keep everyone hydrated and energized for a performance. (Behind the scenes hero!)

Tag Day -September 17th

Parent drivers – For Tag Day, drive groups of students to surrounding neighborhoods and support them while they go door to door to ask for donations to the band. (Get some quality time with your kid and their friends while helping the band raise much needed funds!)