Skyhawk Band Boosters hit Twitter

The Skyhawk Band Boosters have recently set up a Twitter account to cover all the great experiences of the band.? Yes, we have also set up this account just in time to cover next week’s trip to Disney World.?? We are somewhat new to Twitter, so please be patient with our “learning curve”.? We intent to post “tweets” covering the Skyhawk band, and of course the wonderful kids that make the band great.

Please look us up and follow us.? Please feel free to re-tweet any of our tweets as well.? On Twitter we are:? @LCBBandBoosters? (Below is a screen capture picture of our page).? You do not need a smart phone to follow?us either.? The Twitter Feed will also be displayed here on the website, over there to the right —->

Maybe over the course of the trip to Disney, we can have?some contests such as:?”Best Photobomb” or “Selfies at Cinderella’s Castle”.



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